The Purpose of Concessions to the Improvement of Basic Sanitation in Brazil

Brazilian government declared the concession to improve basic sanitation through a partnership with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) at Edison Carlos and Felipe Montoro Jenes participated in an interview about the initiative. Edison is the president of the known Trata Brasil, an institute that focuses on basic sanitation. Edison believed that the services provided would be improved the in management, resource, and structural areas. Felipe, an expert of infrastructure projects, noted that the program would decrease water wastage in Brazil.

The Interview

Edison Carlos cited that the private initiative and public sectors could work together in a complimentary way without biases. Edison also explained that the bank would establish plans for the nations it serves and adapt the projects depending on the place’s needs. Felipe Montoro Jens reported that loss of water was the cause of the flow of financial resources in the water sectors of companies. Thus, it was impossible to receive the services if there was loss of water.

Edison mentioned that the private enterprise possessed more resources to prevent water wastage. Additionally, the advanced technology of the state companies would be essential in water management. Felipe Montoro Jens noted that the current situation required the association with BNDES to enable an improvement in the financial status of the public institutions.

Edison Carlos clarified that inefficient organizations should not be classified based on their administration. This is because of the alignment between the needs of the citizen and the mode of operation. On the other hand, Felipe Montoro cited that Edison outlined that the cost of concession that deserved due observation on

Felipe Jenes Montoro

Felipe Montoro worked in the structured finance area and project development of Enel Group S.p. A. He worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers in the auditing and consulting areas. Additionally, he served at Enron in the international structured finance division.

Felipe Montoro studied at Fundao Getlio Vargas where he earned a degree in business administration on Felipe acquired his master’s degree in international management from the renowned Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Bruce Levenson Is Now Trying To Win A Big Settlement

Bruce Levenson was a part of some big NBA battles as owner of the Atlanta Hawks, and now he’s fighting a big one himself in court. He, along with Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment are suing their former insurance company, AIG for bad faith in honoring an insurance claim. Levenson and AHBE had sold the Atlanta Hawks shares last year to Tony Ressler, reports, and AHBE filed a claim with AIG regarding paying out the remainder of then General Manager Danny Ferry’s contract. That case has been ongoing, and AIG refused to offer any payouts, so Levenson and AHBE want damage relief and payment for court costs.

Bruce Levenson purchased the Atlanta Hawks in 2004, a deal that included their current arena and also included a large steak in the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers. Prior to owning the Hawks, Levenson founded several businesses and has been a chairman on several non-profit groups. In 1977 after graduating from Washington University, Levenson and his friend Ed Peskowitz started a publication business originating with Oil Express, a newsletter about oil industry trends. That soon led to other industry newsletters, and they became the owners of United Communications Group. This company started up TechTarget some years later, and also owns the renowned gas price app, GasBuddy.

As a philanthropist, Levenson supports many educational and fine arts endeavors, He’s helped raise scholarship funds for inner city children through organizations like Hoop Dreams Foundation. He’s given young people a chance to learn the lessons of the Holocaust at the museum in Washington through the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program he sponsors there. Levenson also supports pro-Israel activists such as the SEED Foundation, Birthright Israel and BBYO. He’s campaigned against hate speech and bigotry and helped the Anti-Defamation League run the Concert Against Hate event this last year.

Chaz Dean Living Life Unified As A Whole

Chaz Dean is a stylist located in Los Angeles, California. He has created groundbreaking products that have created a shift in not only the way we style our hair but also the way that we protect it. Chaz has a dedication to holistic methods and this is easily seen in his products. He believes in a natural and healthy lifestyle, which he makes sure to show through all of his haircare products!

WEN products are unique in that even when coloring and lightening hair, bleach or developer with high levels of peroxide are not used. He is dedicated to using only natural ingredients and educating all of his clients on how they can maintain the health of their hair. Shampoos, heat products and bleach are extremely damaging to your hair so the WEN product line does not have shampoo. Instead, Chaz Dean created a cleansing conditioner. WEN Hair product will both condition your hair and cleanse it without the use of damaging detergents that are commonly found in other shampoos. Chaz Dean has been dedicated to not using shampoo not only on his clients but also not on himself since 1993.

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In addition to Chaz’s belief of not using shampoo, he also chooses hair coloring products that are ammonia free or that are very low in ammonia. This means that no strong developers or even bleach are used. This in turn creates a fume-free salon environment making this environment safe for all. Chaz’s dedication to holistic as well as harmony even goes as far as the outside of his salon. He does not use any types of signs to advertise his business. He believes that life should be lived unified as a whole and this is the type of energy that he brings to his business and his clients every day.

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Securus Technologies and the Big Bad Wolf

Whenever a company who leads the field in any category, there is always a big bad wolf or two who thinks they can compete, but they try to succeed by falsehood, and it never works. Such is the case with Securus Technologies, a leader in the institutional communications field and its competitor, GTL.


Securus provides communications services to correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations. Their platform offers a variety of different phone plans where inmates can communicate with family members and friend in a cost effective manner. Securus serves a wide community of 3,400 clients and 1.2 million inmates all throughout North America.


You just don’t cover that much territory by giving poor service and exorbitant prices, yet that is just what GTL is accusing Securus of doing. In the most raucous manner, GTL claims to offer superior servicing capabilities with unbelievable pricing structures in comparison to the Securus capabilities. Securus claims gross falsehoods are being disseminated by GTL and nothing that they are saying even comes close to the truth.


Finally, to put a halt to the foolishness, Securus offered a challenge to GTL which was to lay out the metrics of each company side by side and then have a disinterested third party sort things out and publically come to a conclusion as to who is right. The report from the other side was a resounding silence for a couple of weeks, and then they quietly declined the challenge.


The ethic of the existence and message that Securus strives to get across is the connection that they form between the inmate, and the family is so important and valuable to both parties. That available communication is worth so much when someone is incarcerated as to the point that it cannot be valued. How an inmate can deal with being in prison is helped by these connections with family and friends.


Todd Lubar Creating Legacy in the Real Estate Business through a Niche

Currently, Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC and in Legendary Investments, he serves as the Sr. VP. He is indeed doing great but let’s peek into his past, from the year 1977 until 1987 he was at Sidwell Friends School in Washington Dc. From there he went on to attend the University of Syracuse and graduated with a B.A in Speech Communication. After college, Todd got his first job with Crestar Mortgage Corporation, and he stayed with the company for four years. In 1999 he joined Legacy Financial group and helped the company’s Maryland office to a production unit of several 100 millions of dollars a year in loan volume. He left Legacy in 2005 and joined Charter Funding (A division of First Magnus Financial Corp) in Arizona as the Senior Vice President. However, in 2007 he went back to the mortgage industry and focused on purchase money mortgage origination with Priority Financial Services. It is during this time that Todd started different businesses that included commercial demolition. Also, he involved himself in the Automotive Scrap metal recycling business which ultimately led to the company being traded in public market place.

After observing the market for many years, Todd Lubar was able to assess a niche of underserved clients and consequently formed Legendary Financial LLC an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC. Legendary Properties liquidity levels allow the aiding a market of borrowers that would otherwise be ignored by traditional lending source. Todd Lubar has carried over 7000 transactions allowing him to analyze the overall risk of almost any loan scenario and make right decisions based primarily on market conditions. Moreover, he was ranked top 25 mortgage originators in the Country for many years.

He has two beautiful children, and they live in Bethesda Maryland, and he is totally in love with Orange County CA.

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