Securus Technologies Introduces Wireless Containment System to Enhance Security

Modern prisons are supposed to be safe, but it isn’t like that for most of the prisons and correctional facilities out there. There is always some way in which the criminals can smuggle cell phones, drugs and other illegal materials inside the prisons and then use them to their advantage. There is some serious hi-tech security in place, but still, there are many loopholes in it that the criminals can find. Sometimes it becomes difficult for the prison officials to guard the entire prison and it leads to many accidents that also become life-threatening sometimes. In the past, inmates have been using the cell phones inside the prison to carry on their illegal activities without any problem. Many few companies have been trying to help the prison industries from becoming safe, and one of the top ones is Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies has developed a unique system that has allowed them to contain and restrict the use of cell phones inside the prison. The company has spent millions on developing the system and has finally come up with a Wireless Containment System that has been successful in blocking calls that are being made to and from the prison. But, it doesn’t mean that they restrict all calls that are made as sometimes it is necessary for the prison officials to make calls during riots or any accidents. Wireless Containment System is an advanced system that does not block all the calls, but only the ones that are not authorized by the system beforehand. Each call that has to go through the network has to be approved by the prison officials, and only then the calls can pass through. The system has already been tested and is providing excellent results. Securus Technologies is aiming to bring most of its clients under the purview of this system so that the prisons can become much safer.


The Wireless Containment System has been named as one of the most innovative and significant products made exclusively for the prison industry. Robert Johnson, who is no stranger to the problems that the contraband cell phones can pose to the human life, has been one of the people behind its development. He was the victim of the inmate brutality and was attacked at home by multiple men. Even though he was shot numerous times, he survived but after spending months in the hospital. He took a break from work and started to collaborate with Securus Technologies to develop a system that would prevent prison officials like him from becoming victims of the inmates’ anger. The company has already begun installing the system in prisons across the country and hope that it would cover all prisons in the coming months.



Contraband And Illegal Cell Phones

What A New Wireless Network Can Do


The wireless networks of our neighborhood often operate without us aware of what’s going on. This is an ideal place for the infrastructures of wireless to be. The world is revolving around technology that’s best operated when it’s not in full sight. The full sight of wireless systems brings an invitation to unwarranted activity.


Discreteness lets private-industry operate without damage to our modern systems. We look toward Securus Technologies to better understand how the dynamics of safety are used in daily operations that most don’t understand too well. The basic understanding you need is found with a clear look of the private industries.


Taking Shape And Place Of Modern Technology


Modern technology is now closely followed by the developments of security. The basic promises rest in the notion that what we’re able to do as a society is what we’re able to do in illegal activity also. There are few people who have to wake up with this idea everyday. Our lives are instead continuing without much interference.


The private sectors of industry experience a different situation. Industry in the private sector is only possible once security systems are in place. The advancements of Securus Technologies lead to a world of safety in the private sector. The agency’s most recent development is uncovered with the progress of wireless technology.



The Everyday Tech We Have And The Dangers It Possesses


The dangers of wireless systems are not so much captured by the idea of advanced technology. The tech that we’re discussing is in the hands of everyday people. The irony is that access leads to potential dangers. Past cases show that access to wireless signals can cause a world of trouble and violence.


Securus is placing its technology in secure areas of the country as a result. The tech will take the place of our wireless systems and to exercise the ability to isolate phone calls. Isolation happens as signals enter private areas that are exposed to the wireless system of Securus and the agencies it partners with.


Securus’ Unique Method of Dealing With Illegal Cell Phones

Robert Johnson knows all too well the danger that inmates who have access to cell phones pose. He himself is an ex-correctional officer with the job of intercepting illegal contraband packages that inmates were smuggling in and out of the prison. About two weeks after intercepting a package that was worth an estimated fifty thousand dollars, something happened that changed Robert Johnson’s life forever.


Inmates who were displeased with Johnson decided to orchestrate a hit on him. Using illegal cell phones, they managed to get an ex-convict to shoot Johnson. Robert was subjected to his door being broken down at five thirty in the morning and facing the barrel of a gun in his hallway while trying to keep the intruder away from his wife’s bedroom. He was shot six times in the chest at a distance of just six feet. According to his doctor, Robert died twice on the operating table and survived by a miracle. Over the course of the next seven years, Robert had to undergo twenty seven surgeries and is still in constant pain.


This is far from the only case of crimes being orchestrated by inmates with cell phones. In Georgia, a nine month year old baby was shot and killed in his mother’s arms because inmates did not like what his uncle did.


Johnson’s physical pain did not deter him from his mission. He continues to fight for ways to prevent inmates from making calls with cell phones. Johnson has testified before the FCC, and he now works closely with Securus Technologies as a paid consultant.


Securus Technologies has come up with the only solution to effectively block inmates from using illegal cell phones. Until now, the only option was setting up systems that monitored all incoming and outgoing calls and recorded them in logs but did not do anything to prevent inmates from making those calls.


Securus has come up with the Wireless Containment System, which effectively blocks all calls that are not authorized. It basically creates a wireless network around a certain area of the prison, using a large antenna. All calls have to go through this wireless network, and unauthorized numbers are immediately blocked. This can be customized based on the needs of a particular correctional facility. A number of states have already implemented the Wireless Containment System, realizing how it can save lives and prevent crimes from occurring.


Securus Technologies Integrated Monitoring System Recues Families

Human societies have progressed from the primordial mechanical societies where security was provided through kinship ties and social norms. The need to integrate technology into safer homes and crime free society is of great continued urgency. The dynamics of an organic society denotes a need for better solutions to preventing crimes which have introduced a paradigm shift from traditional security measures to a robust, advanced information oriented security system. Securus Technologies seems to have appreciated this dynamism, and fast paced the implementation of a top level security system to prisons, homes, and neighborhoods.


I can attest the reliability of the company since some loyal, and new customers have been leaving satisfactory messages on the company’s websites. There was one customer who noted the company’s high-level cooperation in helping track down dishonest employees in companies they secure by providing ample phone information. Prisons also reported satisfactory service delivery in the areas of tracking prohibited activities by inmates in the prisons. The prisons, particularly, commended the advanced reporting technology that Securus Technologies employs. One customer also appealed to me on the issue of covert alert features, as well tracked phone call, and LBS service that help to build on crime prevention in prisons. Such high level recommendations from its previous client demonstrated to me that a greater number of customers are continuing to appreciate technology solutions in crime prevention and response.


Securus Technologies has been on the forefront in the prison telephone service sector besides providing high tech solutions to homes and jails. The Dallas headquartered firm boasts of a large number of officers around facilities it secures often reaching up to some one hundred and fifty as well as excellent customer service and support that runs on a twenty four hour basis, enabling efficient and reliable emergency response.


Using Securus Technologies to Prevent Violent Crimes

As part of a very busy fugitive task force in the state, we have had to really up our game recently as the crime has become more violent. With the spread of gangs reaching further than ever before, these soldiers who used to only attack one another are now getting innocent civilians injured with all their violence. What we have discovered is that most of the violent outbreaks do not happen randomly with gangs, they have to get the order from the top players in that gang, something we have been working on to eradicate.


The trouble with gang violence is that if you cut the head off this snake, it simply grows back as the next in power takes over. Even with tougher laws, these violent criminals will call the shots from the jail if they have to, and we have always found ourselves in reaction mode instead of getting ahead of the problem. This was all about to change this year when the prison system we work at was going to have Securus Technologies install a newer inmate telephone call system.


Our prison has come to trust Securus Technologies and their CEO Richard Smith because for years he and his thousand employees are all committed to making the world a safer place for us all. This Dallas-based company already has system working in 2,500+ prisons around the country, and it was our turn to turn the tides on the gangs and their violence in our city. I knew we were going to be able to utilize the system because the team kept telling us that the software could do the work of a dozen officers, allowing us to spread out our team in areas that needed more attention.


I needed to be trained on the LBS software, and it was a real eye-opener once I learned how it identifies unique conversations between inmates and callers on the phone. Our team picked up chatter from gang leaders in jail giving street soldiers orders, who to target, where drugs were being picked up, all helping us to finally get ahead of this situation. This is very important because the inmates are not going to talk to us on their own, and even though they know we are on the calls, they either slip up or think they are too smart.


Through the efforts of using the call monitoring system, we have made a substantial dent in the efforts of the inmates getting contraband into the jail.


Securus Technologies and the Big Bad Wolf

Whenever a company who leads the field in any category, there is always a big bad wolf or two who thinks they can compete, but they try to succeed by falsehood, and it never works. Such is the case with Securus Technologies, a leader in the institutional communications field and its competitor, GTL.


Securus provides communications services to correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations. Their platform offers a variety of different phone plans where inmates can communicate with family members and friend in a cost effective manner. Securus serves a wide community of 3,400 clients and 1.2 million inmates all throughout North America.


You just don’t cover that much territory by giving poor service and exorbitant prices, yet that is just what GTL is accusing Securus of doing. In the most raucous manner, GTL claims to offer superior servicing capabilities with unbelievable pricing structures in comparison to the Securus capabilities. Securus claims gross falsehoods are being disseminated by GTL and nothing that they are saying even comes close to the truth.


Finally, to put a halt to the foolishness, Securus offered a challenge to GTL which was to lay out the metrics of each company side by side and then have a disinterested third party sort things out and publically come to a conclusion as to who is right. The report from the other side was a resounding silence for a couple of weeks, and then they quietly declined the challenge.


The ethic of the existence and message that Securus strives to get across is the connection that they form between the inmate, and the family is so important and valuable to both parties. That available communication is worth so much when someone is incarcerated as to the point that it cannot be valued. How an inmate can deal with being in prison is helped by these connections with family and friends.