Betsy DeVos And The Role Of The Outsider Government

We are living in incredibly interesting times as far as politics go. In fact, we probably have the most unique set of political figures to ever grace the Oval Office. Most people might assume that we are primarily talking about outsider politician, President Donald Trump. We are not. In fact, we are talking instead about one of his key appointments: Betsy DeVos. Betsy DeVos was brought into Washington D.C. by President Donald Trump in order to serve on his Cabinet as the Secretary of Education. As the leader of the Department of Education, Betsy DeVos is bringing a true outsider perspective to one of the most pro-establishment aspects of government — and she is doing it with grace.


Betsy DeVos was brought up believing in the core ideology that most Conservatives around the United States of America thrive on: family, faith and the role of a limited government in the lives of citizens. Betsy DeVos and her family have been well-known almost their entire lives. Betsy’s father runs an auto business and her brother is a prominent CEO of a private overseas security firm. Yet for all of the Prince’ family success, Betsy DeVos (married to Dick DeVos) is going to be aiming to make herself well known and remembered for her work turning America’s broken public school system into something that is alive and thriving with electricity and curiosity. How is she going to make this happen? We’re glad that you asked.


Betsy DeVos is a reformer and of that there is no question. Like her husband, Dick DeVos, Betsy DeVos believes in leaving things in better shape than when they are found. Betsy DeVos has taken this concept to heart in her lifelong goal of achieving education reform. By honing in on the core conservative tenets of school choice, Betsy DeVos has given conservatives everywhere an education reform platform that they can rally behind. School choice was once a relatively niche subject that didn’t really have many followers in the mainstream. Through literal decades of hard work spreading her message, Betsy DeVos has dragged school choice into the mainstream. Now, as the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos can take school choice to the national level.


As an outsider in Washington D.C., Betsy DeVos has a ton of work cut out for her. She’ll have to navigate partisan hackery while maintaining her conservative positions. With two years in the books already, Betsy DeVos is poised for a successful career.


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