Fortress Investment Group – a profitable investment manager with a reputation

Founded in 1998, Fortress Investment Group is an investment company based in New York City, renown for turning around solid profits. When it first reached the New York Stock Exchange, in 2007, the company was the first big private equity firm in the United States which was publicly traded. Fortress Investment Group’s main areas of expertise include real estate, private equity and capital investment strategies. They are well adjusted to market risks and very well versed in surfing the market for investment opportunities.

Over the years, Fortress Investment Group has become a household name for private equity assets management and investments. Companies such as Intrawest (the Canadian ski resort operator), RailAmerica Inc. or Florida East Coast Industries have been acquired through funds managed by Fortress Investment Group.

Recently, the company offered its investors the opportunity to make a good investment through partnering with iPass, a company which provides access to always-on WiFi. Thus, iPass ensures users have access to internet through hotsopts and it is very valuable in places such as hospitals, restaurants or even in the street. The company has faith in iPass’ relevance on the market, it firmly believes that it’s going to make bigger and bigger profits over time and it is happy to guide investors in direction. Wesley Edens, the company’s co-founder, has a strategy which often brings to light to underdogs of the market: he claims that he sees things “as they are” and this is what helped shape his eye for good investment strategies over time.

All in all, Fortress Investment Group definitely is not the average type of investment manager: it aims to go high and big, it takes risks, but even those risks are calculated and the potential of companies which benefit from its funds is scrutinized in detail. The security of investments with this company comes from a fine appreciation of the market and of what is going to add value to people’s lives. Besides finding hidden gold mines in underdog startups, Fortress Investment Group does not shy away from public companies either and it considers them to be quite profitable in the long run as well.

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