The Impressive Reputation of Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital offers its expert financial advice across the world. Based in Chicago, the firm helps different organizations with different investment decisions, credit, and complex transactions. Madison Street Capital also provides services for company valuation and merger consulting. The firm acquired its reputation as a result of the expert assistance they offer to numerous organizations.


Excellent service record

Madison Street Capital is known to be the best company offering complex contracts, matching sellers with buyers, and designing the best exit strategies. The firm specializes in merger and acquisition, tax compliance, bankruptcy services, and advisory services on private placement and corporate governance. With a global approach, Madison Street Capital is recognized for its corporate financial services in Chicago, Oregon, India, and Ghana. Most clients have repeatedly expressed their satisfaction with the services offered by the company including Fiber Science, Bond Medical Group, and Central Iowa Energy.


Advisory services to DCG Software Value

Madison Street Capital had helped DCG Software Value with advisory services in regards to merger transactions. Through the firm’s advice, DCG Software Value had a successful merger with the Spitfire Group, a deal which is projected to improve the value of both companies. The top executives of both Spitfire Group and DCG Software Values later praised Madison Street Capital members for their advice.


Advisory services to ARES Security Corporation

Madison Street Capital had also served as an advisor to the ARES security regarding a deal that would provide minority recapitalization and subordinated debt. This transaction is considered to be the most sophisticated as it involved security risk management firms and government entities. ARES recognized Madison Street Capital for having due diligence, successful valuation, and capital analysis which are ideal for the company’s performance objectives.


Service to WLR Automotive

Madison Street Capital further added to its reputation an excellent advisory service to WLR Automotive Group regarding a leaseback transaction worthier $13.2 million. WLR Automotive Group, which specializes in car washes, lube and auto repair, and detailing, needed to reinvest in the market and as a result, consulted Madison Street Capital for advice. The deal helped WLR Automotive Group restructure itself and expand to over 17 locations. The Chief Executive Officer of WLR Group, Randall Simpson, described Madison Street Capital as most competent and efficient in their services.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital has its headquarters in Illinois, Chicago. The firm offers a set of financial services including investment banking, corporate advisory services, business valuation services, hedge fund administration, financial reporting valuation, and financial set management. Madison Street Capital’s experience is what makes the difference; it has served clients in diverse industries, enhancing its performance. The firm also has seasoned professionals who understand that each situation is unique for individual clients.


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