PSI Pay: A Market Leader in Contactless Payments

An article from Hi-Tech Chronicle discusses PSI Pay and its increasing popularity in the market. These contactless payments make checking out a breeze and the UK is taking notice. The article mentions that contactless payments have been on the market for over a decade and now one third of the UK make their payments this way. PSI Pay and its affiliate, Kerv Wearables, have released the very first contactless payment ring to the market. This will make checking out even faster and easier. The ease and efficiency of this payment ring could even come to overtake traditional transactions as a leader in the marketplace.


So many consumers are jumping on the cash-free bandwagon that it is projected that this contactless payment system will eventually exceed cash use altogether. The article discusses contactless payment more in depth and mentions that PSI Pay uses this system in the form of debit and credit cards as a form of payment. PSI Pay’s affiliate, Kerv, has designed payments to be even easier with this special payment ring. The ring is made to be very durable, comes in twelve different sizes, and is designed for male and females.


The article then goes on to mention that Psi Pay and Kerv partnered up together to get this ring out into the global market. This contactless payment works by the consumer tapping his ring to a point-of-sale terminal. These payments are made secure through RFID technology. The rings are all linked to a card so that the consumer can make larger purchases or purchase items online or over the phone as well.


The article discusses how PSI Pay is a leader in contactless payment. The company has serviced local and international businesses since 2007. PSI Pay prepaid accounts are now usable all over the world in over 170 nations.


PSI Pay has been a Principle Member of MasterCard since 2009 and has even been able to offer direct Mastercard services all over the European Union. This allows PSI Pay to issue prepaid, debit, or virtual cards to consumers throughout the world for the past decade.


Business is only increasing for PSI Pay, with their new efforts only propelling their leadership in the marketplace even further.

Penelope Kokkinides as one of the significant leaders of InnovaCare Health.

InnovaCare Health has grown to bring change in the society. The company gets to provide medical services of high quality. It is made in a modern manner that it contains many rooms including private rooms for consultation. It is made up of great leaders who ensure they put the needs of the clients first. Furthermore, they are specialized in different fields hence cater to people with various medical issues. It is equipped with modern technological equipment that enables efficient services provided.

For the growth of any company, good leadership is vital hence the leaders governing InnovaCare Heath portray good leadership qualities. It is facilitated mainly by their knowledge, skills, and experience. For instance, the Chief Executive Officer is Rick Shinto. He is a medical practitioner who ensures things in the facility are done according to the requirement and as outlined in the vision, mission and core values of the company.

Moreover, the presence of a skilled Chief Operating Officer has positively influenced the growth of the company. Penelope Kokkinides portrays excellent leadership that enables every operation of the company to go as expected. She has worked in many companies as well as government programs in executive roles hence fit to run the operation department. Therefore, the presence of good leaders plays a significant role in fulfilling the aim and goals of InnovaCare Health.

In the recent past, there was a meeting created for some selected leaders in the medical field to outline strategies for improving healthcare. Penelope Kokkinides got the privilege to attend as a representative of InnovaCare Health. She used the platform to describe the approach that would assist in the growth of the medical services provided in Puerto Rico by InnovaCare.

One of the strategies she stated was the reinforcement of the available technology. Improving the technology and adding more equipment would create a channel for more people to access medical care. Also, accommodation of various medical cards in the facility would open doors for more people to acquire medical services.

However, even with the renovations, the services would not be accessible to people of all grounds if the payments are high. Therefore, Penelope Kokkinides suggested the reduction of medical payments as it is the main reason behind the low medical services provided in the region. She believes the reduction would pave the way for more people to access competent and high-quality medical care provided by the medical facilities including InnovaCare Health. Therefore, other than providing quality medical care, InnovaCare purposes to spread its services to other areas.