Chaz Dean Living Life Unified As A Whole

Chaz Dean is a stylist located in Los Angeles, California. He has created groundbreaking products that have created a shift in not only the way we style our hair but also the way that we protect it. Chaz has a dedication to holistic methods and this is easily seen in his products. He believes in a natural and healthy lifestyle, which he makes sure to show through all of his haircare products!

WEN products are unique in that even when coloring and lightening hair, bleach or developer with high levels of peroxide are not used. He is dedicated to using only natural ingredients and educating all of his clients on how they can maintain the health of their hair. Shampoos, heat products and bleach are extremely damaging to your hair so the WEN product line does not have shampoo. Instead, Chaz Dean created a cleansing conditioner. WEN Hair product will both condition your hair and cleanse it without the use of damaging detergents that are commonly found in other shampoos. Chaz Dean has been dedicated to not using shampoo not only on his clients but also not on himself since 1993.

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In addition to Chaz’s belief of not using shampoo, he also chooses hair coloring products that are ammonia free or that are very low in ammonia. This means that no strong developers or even bleach are used. This in turn creates a fume-free salon environment making this environment safe for all. Chaz’s dedication to holistic as well as harmony even goes as far as the outside of his salon. He does not use any types of signs to advertise his business. He believes that life should be lived unified as a whole and this is the type of energy that he brings to his business and his clients every day.

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