Southridge Capital, Connecticut, Blossoming at the Helm of Stephen Hicks

When Stephen Hicks founded Southridge Capital in 1996, he had a vision of creating a leading direct investment and advisory company. Two decades later, he continues to steer the company in that path with great success.

The firm has expanded its operations from Ridgefield, Connecticut, to New York, California, Los Angeles and Ontario, Canada.

Southridge works with small and medium-sized firms that need assistance to register as private companies, get funds for business strategies, acquisition and mergers or complete turnaround. It is also a Hedge fund management firm.

To date, more than two hundred and fifty small and medium firms owe their growth and success to the advice and management strategies they have received from Southridge Capital.

Stephen Hicks has over thirty years’ experience in investment banking, risk arbitrage, and financial structuring. Before starting Southridge Capital., he worked for Trans-Pacific Capital, IBC, Windsor and Southerland Capital at different times.

With BA degree from King’s College, Briarcliff Manor in New York and MBA in Finance, Stephen Hicks has the requisite qualifications to steer the firm to grow further — something he relishes already.

He oversees structuring of transactions, selection of investments and strategic growth of the firm. He works with a team of equally qualified and passionate finance specialists.

The CFO, Narine Persuad, has worked for over a decade in investment and hedge fund management firms. He served at Meglyn Enterprises before joining Southridge Capital.

Henry Sargent is the firm’s chief operations officer, also in charge of general counsel. He joined Southridge Capital in 1998 after serving in New York. He served security and corporate firms involved in the corporate reorganization, financing ventures, and private placement.

Currently, he is a member of Society of security analysts based in New York as well as New York Bar Association. He graduated from Connecticut College with BA degree and went to Fordham University School of Law for his JD. Follow their Twitter page.


Talk Fusion Brings Showcases its Video Marketing Expertise

Talk Fusion has brought marketing and technology expertise to HuffPost amidst its continued rebranding. Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina carries over 25 years of experience in video marketing and direct sales marketing. He brings a unique and appealing perspective to the evolving digital marketing platform. Meanwhile, Talk Fusion has published two articles on HuffPost. The first article went live on April 24, while the second one went live today in the morning.


With the change of its mission and name, HuffPost aims to share stories of people who are often disregarded. Besides, its initiative resonates with Bob Reina as the CEO of Talk Fusion and contributor. Bob Reina embarks on the art of innovation. For him, brand’s popularity is never enough. As a philanthropist and leader, Bob Reina aims to help people reach their potential irrespective of their background. Bob Reina began contributing to HuffPost in August 2016. Through his contributor platform, Bob Reina highlights issues related to entrepreneurship, lifestyle, self-development, and video tech trends.


Bob Reina is pleased by his contributor platform for its contribution on issues related to culture and fulfillment. He intends to share more insightful articles not only with Talk Fusion’s associates and clients but also HuffPost’s nearly 200 million readers. Learn more:


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion initiated the creation of the first integrated video marketing platform in the world. Its mission is to help entrepreneurs reduce customer turnover, increase sales, and remain on a competitive edge. Talk Fusion has built itself an excellent reputation for its dynamic video marketing platform that makes marketing more persuasive and engaging. Talk Fusion markets its products through its independent associates across the world. Meanwhile, Talk Fusion has launched its 30 day Free Trials of its integrated digital marketing platform for anyone who would want to test before they subscribe. Interestingly, no credit card is required to sign up for Since its inception in 2007, Talk Fusion fosters a strong commitment to investing back to society. As an active philanthropist, Bob Reina commits to supporting human and animal charities across the world.