How Susan McGalla Beat The Odds And Became An Executive

Susan McGalla has been an executive in both the sports and retail industries. Since February 2015 she has been the VP of business strategy and creative development for the Pittsburg Steelers. Since she was brought on board she has increased this NFL teams revenue by 50 percent and developed the sports leading loyalty program. She is a graduate of Mount Union College where she earned her degree in business and marketing in 1986.

She first entered the executive ranks at American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. When she started there were no women in the C-level positions at this retailer. Despite this challenge, Susan McGalla was eventually promoted to this company’s president and chief merchandising officer positions. After leaving this company in 2009 she worked for another retailer as an executive and also operated her own independent executive consulting firm. She has served as an advisor to investment fund managers on Wall Street as well as a number of retailers. Her skills include talent management, merchandising, operations branding, marketing, and creating profit and loss efficiencies.

She has spoken about the challenges that career-focused women have in the world of business. Most companies are run by men and women face a number of obstacles getting to the C-level. Susan McGalla has been a part of the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs. She has also spoken at Pittsburg’s Women and Girl’s Foundation. She says that what women are looking for is practical and authentic advice about advancing their careers and achieving the highest positions. They don’t want to hear a bunch of pointless buzzwords and party lines anymore. She says that women want to be targeted as professionals, not as women. She finds it encouraging that an evolution in how women are treated by the business world is in motion.

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