Where Brazil Is Headed According To Felipe Montoro Jens

Moored to their unmethodical methods, Brazil’s exhibited severe signs of ineptitude over the past few years. 2017 was one of their more troubling junctures, and according to the National Confederation of Industry, Brazil’s economy took the biggest hit last year. In August, the National Confederation of Industry conducted a study that revealed Brazil’s utter incompetence when it comes to executing infrastructure projects. More specifically, the report disclosed that Brazil abandoned 517 infrastructure projects within the last year. As a result, the nation saw a loss of $10.7 billion. No doubt shocking figures, Brazil is being urged to implement much-needed reform. More about Felipe Montoro Jens at infomoney.com

Felipe Montoro Jens, a reputable project analyst, is among one of many experts striving to spark these modifications. In the hopes of providing solutions to Brazil’s enduring problems, Jens performed an analysis of his own. Jens discovered that Brazil’s being plagued by various factors. Some of the glaring flaws in their system include improper training, technical difficulties, expropriation, insufficient funds, and poor micro planning procedures. Jens reveals that a combination of these setbacks has led to Brazil’s current critical state. Unfortunately, each issue will remain at play if Brazil doesn’t galvanize into action and begin instituting change.

Other specialists including Ilana Ferreira and Jose Augusto Fernandes echo Jens’ notions. Ferreira went as far as to say that Brazil’s “poor quality projects indicate poor planning.” Fernandes is perhaps the least confident in Brazil’s ability to change, claiming that the country has invariably been “unable to learn from the losses that their projects generate.” While Jens doesn’t disagree with these sentiments, he does believe that Brazil could see improvement if they incorporate the following into the operations: improved micro planning strategies, training programs, contractual agreement practices, execution modality models, and internal control techniques.

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OSI Industries Celebrates a Century in Food Processing Innovation

OSI Industries, a globally leading food processing giant has realized 100 years in the business. Founded since 1909 in Chicago, the company grew from humble beginnings to become a major corporate player in the American economy. The firm currently employs about 20, 000 employees at 65 plants distributed across 17 countries. It is also regarded a premier supplier of food by major corporate brands across the world. The organization has built and maintained a reputation characterized by delivery of forward-looking food solutions their most demanding product development and processing requirements.

A defining attribute of this major food processor is their unwavering commitment and consideration to their clients’ success. The solutions they provide focus on quality, value and streamlined production processes in order to optimize costs. Although OSI Industries began meat processing supplier owned by Arthur and Harry Kolschowsky brothers, strategic alliances were fundamental to the current business position. Specifically, the opportunity to supply meat to MacDonald’s even before the corporation became a household name paved its way for present success. OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago.

By the time MacDonald’s transitioned into nationwide favorite and consolidated its supply chain, Otto & Sons was one of the corporation’s four main suppliers. In 1973, OSI Industries had already developed into two entities one solely supplying MacDonald’s while the other served local retail markets and restaurants nationwide.

The organization’s management knack for emerging technologies and strategic alliances have been essential to the success of the business. For example, the company was among the first major meat processors to implement a state of the art facility that used technology to flash freeze hamburger patties.

Despite the strategic alliance with MacDonald’s, OSI Industries has numerous other ventures in the food industry globally. Currently, the business is a major food provider across the world, with multiple joint ventures and expansion plans in the Pacific Rim, Hungary, Brazil, Austria, Poland and Mexico among others.

The firm is among the largest enterprises in the United States, ranked number #58 on Forbes list of biggest private companies in 2016. Furthermore, the organization’s estimated sales for the duration were $6.1 billion. Innovation has also contributed extensively towards the company’s growth. The last decade has seen the firm continue to expand and become the industry leader supplying value-added protein products. Lately, the management had introduced ventures into other industry sectors, including in the production of non-meat products

In light of the industry conditions and future projections, OSI Industries is undoubtedly a growing presence in the developing modern, globalized economy.

About  OSI Industries: www.mapquest.com/us/iowa/osi-industries-llc-6772346

All You Needd to know About Fortress Investment Group


Fortress Investment Group LLC is an international company that raises, invests, and manages assets. It was ranked as one of the largest and leading investment groups with over $36.1 billion of assets under their management. They operate by managing assets of institutions and private investors ranging from real estate, credit, permanent capital, and individual equity investment strategy.Fortress investment group was founded in 1998 and has acquired over 1,750 institutions and numerous private investors. Thus, it has been classified as the leading and the most diversified global investment manager.

Softbank’s acquisition of Fortress Investment Group

Softbank recently announced that they had completed the much-anticipated deal to acquire Fortress investment group. They finished the sale at the cost of $3.3 billion. They announced that the Softbank Group Corp and its subsidiaries now fully own the Fortress Investment Group outstanding shares. The deal was closed following the closing of all the transaction including the approval of the sale by the Fortress Shareholders. As a result, all Fortress Investment Group class, A investors, were to receive $8.08 per share and will proceed with the payments procedures as stipulated in the Definitive Proxy dated June 7, 2017 Soft Bank Corp will control all the operations of Fortress Investment Group. Nevertheless, Fortress will operate as an independent group, and its headquarters will be shifted to New York. Moreover, Fortress Investment Group principals Randy Nardone, Wes Edens, and Pete Briger will continue to serve as managers of the investment group.Fortress Investment Group is led by a group of skilled, experienced, and brilliant principals. For the years they’ve been in operation, they have made the concerns of the group come first and provide sufficient returns to the investors. Moreover, employees at Fortress investment group say that they find the three principals working in harmony to drive the group’s agenda.

Functions of Fortress Investment Groups

This is an investment group that invests and manages assets. It was ranked among the most significant investment groups across the globe. The group has managed to acquire more than 1750 institutions and Numerous private investors. Their primary functions are to manage the securities and investment rates of their client’s properties. They have specialized in real estate management property. They have incorporated a massive number of employees in their firm to assist in managing their properties across the United States. Moreover, they manage assets relating to credit, permanent capital, and private equity investment strategy.

In India Vijay Eswaran is Helping Students to a Brighter Future

Datuk Seri Vijay Eswaran is known as being the chairman of QI Group and loves to tell all of his students to create employment and he also likes to inspire them all to take as many risks as they possibly can. Due to him thinking like this and also pushing all of the students it has led to many students being able to work for someone before they eventually decide to take the leap and work for themselves.

Eswaran has stated that the world is beginning to change and so are all of the world’s jobs but as jobs are continuing to change so is the human population.

He continues on to talk about how the Japanese, South Koreans, Taiwanese and the Chinese all try and gain their own experience at first but that their end goal is to eventually be able to be their own bosses. They continue on trying to fulfill this dream while at the same time trying to find others who are going to being willing to work for them.

Eswaran goes on to advise all first-time job seekers that they should really try and find a job that matches their exact qualifications. Along with this, he advises the students to really take their time to consider all of their job choices that they may have. He says that it can help them is they sit and list out the pros and the cons of all of their job choices.

Next Eswaran goes on to tell the students that no matter what decision that they make that there is still going to always be ups and downs. Though he explains the positive side that is brought by taking your time to fully understand all of the various stages of the business cycle from the very beginning all the way to corporate. Read more: Dr. Vijay Eswaran – Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies

That no matter what it is always important to make sure that once you come up with an idea that you make sure and follow it through all the way to the very end.

The students are then told that it is highly important to take your time and to consider all the factors that are very important to be able to help you reach your goals in the end.

By doing so you will be able to easily look over all of the other factors that are not important in your journey and this, in the end, will make it to where you will be able to hit your goals a lot faster.

Talk Fusion Brings Showcases its Video Marketing Expertise

Talk Fusion has brought marketing and technology expertise to HuffPost amidst its continued rebranding. Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina carries over 25 years of experience in video marketing and direct sales marketing. He brings a unique and appealing perspective to the evolving digital marketing platform. Meanwhile, Talk Fusion has published two articles on HuffPost. The first article went live on April 24, while the second one went live today in the morning.


With the change of its mission and name, HuffPost aims to share stories of people who are often disregarded. Besides, its initiative resonates with Bob Reina as the CEO of Talk Fusion and contributor. Bob Reina embarks on the art of innovation. For him, brand’s popularity is never enough. As a philanthropist and leader, Bob Reina aims to help people reach their potential irrespective of their background. Bob Reina began contributing to HuffPost in August 2016. Through his contributor platform, Bob Reina highlights issues related to entrepreneurship, lifestyle, self-development, and video tech trends.


Bob Reina is pleased by his contributor platform for its contribution on issues related to culture and fulfillment. He intends to share more insightful articles not only with Talk Fusion’s associates and clients but also HuffPost’s nearly 200 million readers. Learn more: https://www.engadget.com/2016/12/02/does-the-talk-fusion-app-live-up-to-the-hype/


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion initiated the creation of the first integrated video marketing platform in the world. Its mission is to help entrepreneurs reduce customer turnover, increase sales, and remain on a competitive edge. Talk Fusion has built itself an excellent reputation for its dynamic video marketing platform that makes marketing more persuasive and engaging. Talk Fusion markets its products through its independent associates across the world. Meanwhile, Talk Fusion has launched its 30 day Free Trials of its integrated digital marketing platform for anyone who would want to test before they subscribe. Interestingly, no credit card is required to sign up for www.TalkFusion.com. Since its inception in 2007, Talk Fusion fosters a strong commitment to investing back to society. As an active philanthropist, Bob Reina commits to supporting human and animal charities across the world.


Large human rights in United States

Human rights organizations are groups that have the responsibility of carrying out a very noble role in the community. They are the custodian and defenders of the rights that the law grants every person.

Human rights are principles that are set out in law and which do not discriminate anyone on any basis. Human rights apply to people without considering their age, color, religion, language or any other differences that the human race may have. Every human being deserves equality, dignity, respect for life and fairness.

There is no human being who is superior to the other, not even the rich. The writers of the human rights charter had witnessed effects of not having codes that regulate human interaction during the world wars. The wars were characterized by killings and violations to the dignity of life.

To prevent such careless destruction of human life the UN charter on human rights was established with the intention of restricting governments against actions that may threaten the lives of people. Human lives are sacred, and they need to be protected at all costs.

Application of human rights have no restriction; they are to be applied in every corner of the world. Any country that violates these rights is usually subject to action from the international community under the banner of the United Nations. Governments or people who take charge of crimes against humanity are normally dealt with through special courts or the international criminal court. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

There is no restriction to who should apply for human rights protection. Every human being has a responsibility of preventing or speaking out against human rights violations. In the times we living today, human rights need protection from the lowest levels of the society.

The process of human rights protection needs to be considered from the bottom going up. The people on the ground should be the ones to raise the red flag in case human rights violations are witnessed. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/

Some groups play a very important role as far as human rights protection is concerned. The human rights groups and the civil societies play a crucial role in monitoring the actions of the governments.

These groups have the responsibility of ensuring that governments do not go out of their way to misuse the powers that they have. In this article. We take a look at two groups that have been at the frontline in the fight against human rights violations in the U.S.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)

CHIRLA is a human and migrants’ rights group operating in the California. The group mainly deals with the issues that immigrants into the United States face. For a long time, immigrants in the United States have been at risk of facing human rights violations than the natives.

This worrying trend needs to be eliminated, and CHIRLA is one group that has been assisting with finding a solution for this problem.

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

It is a group that funds the operations of other human rights groups in Arizona. The group was created by journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

The fund was created with $3.75 million from a court settlement penalty that the state was awarded in favor of the two.

Mike Baur Massively Influencing the Market via Swiss Startup Factory

The digital revolution and internet-based businesses are gradually changing the way business is operated. This revolution is dubbed as a disruptive technology because it has brought so much dynamics. It has made the world more centered, connected and faster spaced. There is no exemption as to the industries immune to the technology revolution. By extension, the best-served sector is the finance and banking which has made wealth and asset management game positively change.


Finance related technology and Innovation – Fintech has to lead to the development of innovative products such as online banking, money transfer system, loan application algorithms and digital investments avenues. In an environment that is fast changing, financial institutions are keeping par with the technological innovations and advances which have made them relevant and be sustainable.


The banking industry has had its fair share of challenges ranging from inefficient processes, financing loopholes, the high operational cost of limited access. Internet and technology have devised products which can serve all conveniently, affordably, efficiently and effectively. Mike Baur, a Swiss financier, advises enterprises that it is high time they learned how to embrace technological innovations and inventions.


This a major boost to economic activities. It has now become easy to raise capital or source for funds from investors and donors or grants. Similarly, trade is running thanks to quick transactional processing and wise resource management including investment seamlessly. The finance industry has benefited from information management, credit checks, approval process made easier and crowd-funding. Automation has increased productivity and operations. As a result thereof, this disruption has brought the needed change and growth.


About Mike Baur

He is a co-founder and co-owner of the Swiss Startup Factory that gives the first time and continuing investors’ information about how to go about running businesses. This company was founded in 2014 alongside Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. The Swiss Startup Factory has opened and launched an Accelerator program.


Mike Baur advises people to begin investing early and also take time to learn and understand the market. Planning should take a lot of time so when implementing you implement a viable project. He tells investors to develop a product that meets the market needs and not just what is thought to be wise. He had corporately worked with several institutions before venturing in entrepreneurship at 39 years of age.


This business tycoon, Mike Baur is open-minded to technology and its development which has made him relevant. He explains why technology is right to this time. The University of Rochester and the University of Berne are his alma mater. Mike Baur has been in Swiss Private Banking for more than 20 years.


The Success Path of Bob Reina

Bob Reina has been relentless in making his dream of providing simple video solutions to people come true. After serving as a police officer for over ten years, Bob always felt like his life was being controlled by other people and he was being prevented from achieving his full potential. He was introduced to online marketing while in his work of controlling traffic and immediately took up the idea. He took it as the breakthrough he was long waiting for and had a chance to build his goals. Learn more: http://www.pr.com/company-profile/employees-biography/82120-1877


He started the company, Talk Fusion, from scratch even operating from the police vehicle he was using. It took some time to pick up and realize profits from his venture. In 2004, he came up with the idea of video emailing which he developed and is the company’s most important product. This emailing feature helps users market easily by sending motion picture emails, newsletter and even hold virtual meetings.


Bob draws his motivation from the people he interacts with. He says it’s the best way to learn what people want and he takes it up and develops it for them. He further says he only earns when his clients are satisfied with using his products.


About Bob Reina


Bob Reina is the CEO and president of Talk Fusion, a company he founded in 2007 to enable easy video content sharing and help companies market their products easily by the use of short videos. He believes in determination and hard work even with his nature of being funny. He is a great risk taker as he quit being a police officer and decided to pursue his path, a move which most of his friends and family took as insane until it started paying off. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/bob-reina/


He believes in giving back to society and is involved in many charitable works. He has a policy in his organization whereby he encourages his workers to donate an account to a charity organization that they prefer. A donated free account features about Talk Fusions marketing programs. Bob’s overall goal is to provide systems that will help people reach their goals. Learn more: http://yourmarkontheworld.com/talk-fusion-founder-ceo-bob-reinas-mission-change-lives/