Penelope Kokkinides as one of the significant leaders of InnovaCare Health.

InnovaCare Health has grown to bring change in the society. The company gets to provide medical services of high quality. It is made in a modern manner that it contains many rooms including private rooms for consultation. It is made up of great leaders who ensure they put the needs of the clients first. Furthermore, they are specialized in different fields hence cater to people with various medical issues. It is equipped with modern technological equipment that enables efficient services provided.

For the growth of any company, good leadership is vital hence the leaders governing InnovaCare Heath portray good leadership qualities. It is facilitated mainly by their knowledge, skills, and experience. For instance, the Chief Executive Officer is Rick Shinto. He is a medical practitioner who ensures things in the facility are done according to the requirement and as outlined in the vision, mission and core values of the company.

Moreover, the presence of a skilled Chief Operating Officer has positively influenced the growth of the company. Penelope Kokkinides portrays excellent leadership that enables every operation of the company to go as expected. She has worked in many companies as well as government programs in executive roles hence fit to run the operation department. Therefore, the presence of good leaders plays a significant role in fulfilling the aim and goals of InnovaCare Health.

In the recent past, there was a meeting created for some selected leaders in the medical field to outline strategies for improving healthcare. Penelope Kokkinides got the privilege to attend as a representative of InnovaCare Health. She used the platform to describe the approach that would assist in the growth of the medical services provided in Puerto Rico by InnovaCare.

One of the strategies she stated was the reinforcement of the available technology. Improving the technology and adding more equipment would create a channel for more people to access medical care. Also, accommodation of various medical cards in the facility would open doors for more people to acquire medical services.

However, even with the renovations, the services would not be accessible to people of all grounds if the payments are high. Therefore, Penelope Kokkinides suggested the reduction of medical payments as it is the main reason behind the low medical services provided in the region. She believes the reduction would pave the way for more people to access competent and high-quality medical care provided by the medical facilities including InnovaCare Health. Therefore, other than providing quality medical care, InnovaCare purposes to spread its services to other areas.


OSI Industries Celebrates a Century in Food Processing Innovation

OSI Industries, a globally leading food processing giant has realized 100 years in the business. Founded since 1909 in Chicago, the company grew from humble beginnings to become a major corporate player in the American economy. The firm currently employs about 20, 000 employees at 65 plants distributed across 17 countries. It is also regarded a premier supplier of food by major corporate brands across the world. The organization has built and maintained a reputation characterized by delivery of forward-looking food solutions their most demanding product development and processing requirements.

A defining attribute of this major food processor is their unwavering commitment and consideration to their clients’ success. The solutions they provide focus on quality, value and streamlined production processes in order to optimize costs. Although OSI Industries began meat processing supplier owned by Arthur and Harry Kolschowsky brothers, strategic alliances were fundamental to the current business position. Specifically, the opportunity to supply meat to MacDonald’s even before the corporation became a household name paved its way for present success. OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago.

By the time MacDonald’s transitioned into nationwide favorite and consolidated its supply chain, Otto & Sons was one of the corporation’s four main suppliers. In 1973, OSI Industries had already developed into two entities one solely supplying MacDonald’s while the other served local retail markets and restaurants nationwide.

The organization’s management knack for emerging technologies and strategic alliances have been essential to the success of the business. For example, the company was among the first major meat processors to implement a state of the art facility that used technology to flash freeze hamburger patties.

Despite the strategic alliance with MacDonald’s, OSI Industries has numerous other ventures in the food industry globally. Currently, the business is a major food provider across the world, with multiple joint ventures and expansion plans in the Pacific Rim, Hungary, Brazil, Austria, Poland and Mexico among others.

The firm is among the largest enterprises in the United States, ranked number #58 on Forbes list of biggest private companies in 2016. Furthermore, the organization’s estimated sales for the duration were $6.1 billion. Innovation has also contributed extensively towards the company’s growth. The last decade has seen the firm continue to expand and become the industry leader supplying value-added protein products. Lately, the management had introduced ventures into other industry sectors, including in the production of non-meat products

In light of the industry conditions and future projections, OSI Industries is undoubtedly a growing presence in the developing modern, globalized economy.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco And The Accelerating Developments Of Bradesco In Brazil

Bradesco is Brazil’s second-largest bank, and it is showing signs that it would still grow in ways that no other bank can compete. With its new leadership announced March of this year to replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the company’s new CEO, there will be further changes in the company that will move the bank to areas never before explored.

The replacement of president is Octavio de Lazari Junior, the bank’s former vice president, and Bradesco Seguros’ president. The replacement would mean a lot of transitions to the operations of the bank, but Luiz Carlos Trabuco assures everyone that the same business values and culture would still be retained in the bank’s corporate affairs.

We already know that Luiz Carlos Trabuco would’ve finished his role as Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors on March 12, 2018. And this is after the extension of the age limit has already been rendered by Bradesco to extend Trabuco’s work. With such declaration, it is expected that Lazari would now lead the country’s operations regarding handling the $1.3 trillion in assets of the bank. There’s a lot of challenges that confront Bradesco today, especially after the previous leadership of the company that led to its difficulties. It is also necessary to say here that this new change in direction had long been expected when it was already anticipated that Mr. Brandao would have to resign.

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We should also point out here that Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s role for Bradesco had transformed the company in ways that had never before anticipated. The background of Mr. Trabuco in Social Psychology from his degree at the University of Sao Paulo’s Sciences and Letters, and at its Graduate School would mean that he integrates social dynamics and the nature of human behavior in all his financial decisions for Bradesco. Right now, he serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Odontoprev and a head executive for Confederação Nacional das Instituições Financeiras – CNF. Most importantly, he remains the leading Chairman that’s responsible for directing growth and expansion for Banco Bradesco SA.

Challenges of Brazil

We have a lot to cover if we need to discuss Bradesco’s involvement in Brazil’s economy, but one of the many things to discuss would be Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s analysis of Brazil’s recent recovery in its economic crises according to Mr. Trabuco believes that there are still so many loopholes in the government policies in Brazil that had to be fixed. Unless these issues are resolved, this recovery of Brazil is just provisional. It’s still subject to the fluctuation of the economic system and could change any minute from now.

With the background of Mr. Trabuco from the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences of Osasco, he sees that there’s not that much reason to celebrate yet. Brazil could still be fragile and prone to hidden risks. Brazil’s private and public firms should go work hand in hand together to stabilize and sustain Brazil’s streak of recovery. Otherwise, the system could blow up.

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