Boraie Development: Over $150 Million in Transactions & Fantastic Advice To Those Seeking Success

Boraie Development, LLP is a company thriving in New Jersey. The focus of the company includes addressing various aspects of the urban real estate market. The main components of the company include real estate development, property management, marketing, and sales. The Boraie team dedicates themselves to providing unparalleled customer service while constructing exemplary properties. One of the building blocks in Boraie’s success is the strength created by teaming up with visionary architects, successful and time-oriented contractors, and the strongest available financial institutions.


Property management by Omar Boraie is one strategy they employ as an effort to maintain long term asset value over time. Their company is directly in charge of customer service, property marketing, maintenance, accounting, and leasing. Boraie also features a strong sales and marketing division that boasts over $150 million in transactions.


According to WSJ, one of several useful blog posts originating from Central Jersey Working Moms as associated with Boraie Realty includes helpful tips for gaining customers through online marketing. While the utilization of online selling used to implement numerous different strategies prior to the use of algorithms that no longer achieve the same level of success, there are still highly effective means through which to employ online tactics in sales.


Years ago an informative website utilizing optimized content which ensured that their website link was featured in a variety of similar product articles dictated a high level of success if performed properly. The links created high levels of traffic and often conversions, as well. Things have shifted in technology and the line to exposure and conversions is no longer as straight or easy; however, there is still the heightened social media trend through which to reach out to potential customers. Social media is not a direct sales route in the vast majority of cases, but it does allow for the building of relationships between individuals and businesses. Once the relationship is built a higher level of trust is established and that trust can lead to revenue. In using social media, of course, the business must bear in mind that they are taking a social approach to communications and they must work diligently to ensure they engage the intended consumer without creating a sales situation. In real estate, for example, there are plenty of decorating trends, seasonal ideas, neighborhood activities and more that can be presented in a social way to keep your company name in front of people



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