The Impressive Reputation of Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital offers its expert financial advice across the world. Based in Chicago, the firm helps different organizations with different investment decisions, credit, and complex transactions. Madison Street Capital also provides services for company valuation and merger consulting. The firm acquired its reputation as a result of the expert assistance they offer to numerous organizations.


Excellent service record

Madison Street Capital is known to be the best company offering complex contracts, matching sellers with buyers, and designing the best exit strategies. The firm specializes in merger and acquisition, tax compliance, bankruptcy services, and advisory services on private placement and corporate governance. With a global approach, Madison Street Capital is recognized for its corporate financial services in Chicago, Oregon, India, and Ghana. Most clients have repeatedly expressed their satisfaction with the services offered by the company including Fiber Science, Bond Medical Group, and Central Iowa Energy.


Advisory services to DCG Software Value

Madison Street Capital had helped DCG Software Value with advisory services in regards to merger transactions. Through the firm’s advice, DCG Software Value had a successful merger with the Spitfire Group, a deal which is projected to improve the value of both companies. The top executives of both Spitfire Group and DCG Software Values later praised Madison Street Capital members for their advice.


Advisory services to ARES Security Corporation

Madison Street Capital had also served as an advisor to the ARES security regarding a deal that would provide minority recapitalization and subordinated debt. This transaction is considered to be the most sophisticated as it involved security risk management firms and government entities. ARES recognized Madison Street Capital for having due diligence, successful valuation, and capital analysis which are ideal for the company’s performance objectives.


Service to WLR Automotive

Madison Street Capital further added to its reputation an excellent advisory service to WLR Automotive Group regarding a leaseback transaction worthier $13.2 million. WLR Automotive Group, which specializes in car washes, lube and auto repair, and detailing, needed to reinvest in the market and as a result, consulted Madison Street Capital for advice. The deal helped WLR Automotive Group restructure itself and expand to over 17 locations. The Chief Executive Officer of WLR Group, Randall Simpson, described Madison Street Capital as most competent and efficient in their services.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital has its headquarters in Illinois, Chicago. The firm offers a set of financial services including investment banking, corporate advisory services, business valuation services, hedge fund administration, financial reporting valuation, and financial set management. Madison Street Capital’s experience is what makes the difference; it has served clients in diverse industries, enhancing its performance. The firm also has seasoned professionals who understand that each situation is unique for individual clients.


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Boraie Development: Over $150 Million in Transactions & Fantastic Advice To Those Seeking Success

Boraie Development, LLP is a company thriving in New Jersey. The focus of the company includes addressing various aspects of the urban real estate market. The main components of the company include real estate development, property management, marketing, and sales. The Boraie team dedicates themselves to providing unparalleled customer service while constructing exemplary properties. One of the building blocks in Boraie’s success is the strength created by teaming up with visionary architects, successful and time-oriented contractors, and the strongest available financial institutions.


Property management by Omar Boraie is one strategy they employ as an effort to maintain long term asset value over time. Their company is directly in charge of customer service, property marketing, maintenance, accounting, and leasing. Boraie also features a strong sales and marketing division that boasts over $150 million in transactions.


According to WSJ, one of several useful blog posts originating from Central Jersey Working Moms as associated with Boraie Realty includes helpful tips for gaining customers through online marketing. While the utilization of online selling used to implement numerous different strategies prior to the use of algorithms that no longer achieve the same level of success, there are still highly effective means through which to employ online tactics in sales.


Years ago an informative website utilizing optimized content which ensured that their website link was featured in a variety of similar product articles dictated a high level of success if performed properly. The links created high levels of traffic and often conversions, as well. Things have shifted in technology and the line to exposure and conversions is no longer as straight or easy; however, there is still the heightened social media trend through which to reach out to potential customers. Social media is not a direct sales route in the vast majority of cases, but it does allow for the building of relationships between individuals and businesses. Once the relationship is built a higher level of trust is established and that trust can lead to revenue. In using social media, of course, the business must bear in mind that they are taking a social approach to communications and they must work diligently to ensure they engage the intended consumer without creating a sales situation. In real estate, for example, there are plenty of decorating trends, seasonal ideas, neighborhood activities and more that can be presented in a social way to keep your company name in front of people



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Securus Technologies Introduces Wireless Containment System to Enhance Security

Modern prisons are supposed to be safe, but it isn’t like that for most of the prisons and correctional facilities out there. There is always some way in which the criminals can smuggle cell phones, drugs and other illegal materials inside the prisons and then use them to their advantage. There is some serious hi-tech security in place, but still, there are many loopholes in it that the criminals can find. Sometimes it becomes difficult for the prison officials to guard the entire prison and it leads to many accidents that also become life-threatening sometimes. In the past, inmates have been using the cell phones inside the prison to carry on their illegal activities without any problem. Many few companies have been trying to help the prison industries from becoming safe, and one of the top ones is Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies has developed a unique system that has allowed them to contain and restrict the use of cell phones inside the prison. The company has spent millions on developing the system and has finally come up with a Wireless Containment System that has been successful in blocking calls that are being made to and from the prison. But, it doesn’t mean that they restrict all calls that are made as sometimes it is necessary for the prison officials to make calls during riots or any accidents. Wireless Containment System is an advanced system that does not block all the calls, but only the ones that are not authorized by the system beforehand. Each call that has to go through the network has to be approved by the prison officials, and only then the calls can pass through. The system has already been tested and is providing excellent results. Securus Technologies is aiming to bring most of its clients under the purview of this system so that the prisons can become much safer.


The Wireless Containment System has been named as one of the most innovative and significant products made exclusively for the prison industry. Robert Johnson, who is no stranger to the problems that the contraband cell phones can pose to the human life, has been one of the people behind its development. He was the victim of the inmate brutality and was attacked at home by multiple men. Even though he was shot numerous times, he survived but after spending months in the hospital. He took a break from work and started to collaborate with Securus Technologies to develop a system that would prevent prison officials like him from becoming victims of the inmates’ anger. The company has already begun installing the system in prisons across the country and hope that it would cover all prisons in the coming months.