The Rise, Fall, And Resurrection Of The Trabuco; The Ancient And Devastating War Machine

The Trabuco was one of the most destructive siege engines in the middle ages. Designed to fling incredibly large boulders into castle walls and fortifications, the Trabuco was supremely effective at it’s work; collapsing protective fortress constructs within three to five hits from the weapon.

The Trabuco was used thoroughly in combat throughout the middle ages, including in kingdom rivalries in Europe, where it went by the name the Trebuchet, as well as the crusades. The Trabuco’s origins are thought to be in ancient China where it is said a Chinese Commander independently designed the traction Trabuco to pin down Mongol invaders in a captured Chinese city. This record has been disputed in recent years as it has been discovered two Persian engineers were employed to develop further Trabucos for the Chinese army, indicating a previous knowledge of the weapon’s construction and function.


By the time gunpowder fully spread to the world, the Trabuco had ended it’s reign of the battlefield as cannons were extremely successful in collapsing fortress walls. The last known historical use of the Trabuco is by Herman Cortez during the conquest of Tenochtitlán, an Aztec capital city. Cortez’s use of the weapon was due to the lack of gunpowder and it is rumored that Cortez’s Trabuco collapsed upon itself before the first shot could be fired. One later use of the Trabuco is recorded in history according to In 1779 while British troops defended the Strait of Gibraltar against the Spanish they worried their firearms wouldn’t be enough and constructed a Trabuco, it’s success or failure is unknown.

In present day, Trabuco’s are often built by hobbyists, or medieval connoisseurs for backyard presentation and use, and are rarely seen in combat. However, a few instances of Trabuco’s rearing their ancient and destructive head have appeared in the news as of late. During the Syrian Civil War, in 2013, rebel troops were filmed using a counterweight Trabuco against police and government troops according to The rebel’s Trabuco was used to launch several types of explosives. In a similar manner during the Hrushevskoho Street riots, in the Ukraine, in protest of anti-protest laws, Trabuco’s were used to launch Molotov cocktails and bricks.

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Southridge Capital, Connecticut, Blossoming at the Helm of Stephen Hicks

When Stephen Hicks founded Southridge Capital in 1996, he had a vision of creating a leading direct investment and advisory company. Two decades later, he continues to steer the company in that path with great success.

The firm has expanded its operations from Ridgefield, Connecticut, to New York, California, Los Angeles and Ontario, Canada.

Southridge works with small and medium-sized firms that need assistance to register as private companies, get funds for business strategies, acquisition and mergers or complete turnaround. It is also a Hedge fund management firm.

To date, more than two hundred and fifty small and medium firms owe their growth and success to the advice and management strategies they have received from Southridge Capital.

Stephen Hicks has over thirty years’ experience in investment banking, risk arbitrage, and financial structuring. Before starting Southridge Capital., he worked for Trans-Pacific Capital, IBC, Windsor and Southerland Capital at different times.

With BA degree from King’s College, Briarcliff Manor in New York and MBA in Finance, Stephen Hicks has the requisite qualifications to steer the firm to grow further — something he relishes already.

He oversees structuring of transactions, selection of investments and strategic growth of the firm. He works with a team of equally qualified and passionate finance specialists.

The CFO, Narine Persuad, has worked for over a decade in investment and hedge fund management firms. He served at Meglyn Enterprises before joining Southridge Capital.

Henry Sargent is the firm’s chief operations officer, also in charge of general counsel. He joined Southridge Capital in 1998 after serving in New York. He served security and corporate firms involved in the corporate reorganization, financing ventures, and private placement.

Currently, he is a member of Society of security analysts based in New York as well as New York Bar Association. He graduated from Connecticut College with BA degree and went to Fordham University School of Law for his JD. Follow their Twitter page.


Doe Deere Brightens Things Up

Doe Deere is comfortable with colors. She likes to experiment with bright and bold colors that pop and stand out. Her company, Lime Crime, is known for incorporating vivid palettes into their makeup items and Deere changed the way that makeup is worn and enjoyed.


Deere didn’t always envision herself as the inventor of a brightly colored world, but she has always loved color ever since she was young and she never really grew out of it. Good thing, too, because if she had, Lime Crime would not exist.


Deere is a native of Russia but she grew up partly in the United States, and she now calls Los Angeles her home. Deere has always been true to herself, and others took notice. She made her own clothing and sold in on eBay for years, and she even modeled her own creations. This is kind of how Lime Crime came to be. She wanted to compliment her collections with makeup, but she couldn’t find any makeup colors that fit the scene, so she created her own. People wanted to know where she got her eye-popping makeup and she discovered that there was a real demand for her colorful makeup. The rest is pretty much history.


Social media has been a useful platform for her business and a great way to keep in touch with her fans and even critics. She learns a lot about what people are thinking, and it helps her to know what is popular, what is not. Deere has become known as the “Unicron Queen” because her love of color is no secret. The brighter, the better.


Lime Crime products are readily available online and in retail stores and if you are familiar with their products, you will know that they are very colorful. There are eyeshadows, nail polishes, and hair dyes in electric pinks, brilliant blues, and passionate purples that you can mix and match. Dere believes that it is important to be able to express yourself and that what you put on your body can reflect a lot about your personality and uniqueness. All Lime Crime products are vegan and cruelty-free, so you don’t need to feel guilty when you use their products.


Deere is not only creative and carefree, she is also a strong spokeswoman and has spoken at the PHAMExpo and at Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour. She is an advocate for female entrepreneurs as well as a great example of what happens when you follow your dreams and don’t give up.


Deere draws on the inspiration around her and enjoys a good read. Her favorite author is Karl Lagerfeld, and she also supports many organizations with a good cause. Deere keeps busy and is always coming up with new and nothing short of amazing products to share with everyone. She recently obtained a laboratory in which to create new and fun innovative makeup colors and products, so she is pretty stoked about that. The future is as bright as her makeup collection.


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