Securus’ Unique Method of Dealing With Illegal Cell Phones

Robert Johnson knows all too well the danger that inmates who have access to cell phones pose. He himself is an ex-correctional officer with the job of intercepting illegal contraband packages that inmates were smuggling in and out of the prison. About two weeks after intercepting a package that was worth an estimated fifty thousand dollars, something happened that changed Robert Johnson’s life forever.


Inmates who were displeased with Johnson decided to orchestrate a hit on him. Using illegal cell phones, they managed to get an ex-convict to shoot Johnson. Robert was subjected to his door being broken down at five thirty in the morning and facing the barrel of a gun in his hallway while trying to keep the intruder away from his wife’s bedroom. He was shot six times in the chest at a distance of just six feet. According to his doctor, Robert died twice on the operating table and survived by a miracle. Over the course of the next seven years, Robert had to undergo twenty seven surgeries and is still in constant pain.


This is far from the only case of crimes being orchestrated by inmates with cell phones. In Georgia, a nine month year old baby was shot and killed in his mother’s arms because inmates did not like what his uncle did.


Johnson’s physical pain did not deter him from his mission. He continues to fight for ways to prevent inmates from making calls with cell phones. Johnson has testified before the FCC, and he now works closely with Securus Technologies as a paid consultant.


Securus Technologies has come up with the only solution to effectively block inmates from using illegal cell phones. Until now, the only option was setting up systems that monitored all incoming and outgoing calls and recorded them in logs but did not do anything to prevent inmates from making those calls.


Securus has come up with the Wireless Containment System, which effectively blocks all calls that are not authorized. It basically creates a wireless network around a certain area of the prison, using a large antenna. All calls have to go through this wireless network, and unauthorized numbers are immediately blocked. This can be customized based on the needs of a particular correctional facility. A number of states have already implemented the Wireless Containment System, realizing how it can save lives and prevent crimes from occurring.