The Work History Of Dick DeVos

Mr. Dick DeVos is an author and American entrepreneur from Michigan. DeVos was brought up in Grand Rapids and attended Forest Hills School, from where he completed his high school studies. Fortunately, Dick was involved in his family businesses while still a student. Dick DeVos was also an alumnus of Northwood University, from where he received his Bachelor Degree in Business Administration.

Mr. Dick started his career at Amway Corporation, where he was in charge of the operation department. His good work made him the Vice President of the corporation. It was the responsibility of DeVos to manage the business operations of Amway Corporation in more than 18 countries. The idea was to gain experience outside his family’s territory. In 1989, Dick DeVos left the family company and started his business project, The Windquest Group. The firm is involved in the production and promoting of storage devices and closet organizers. While operating his business venture, Mr. Dick was appointed by his father as the manager of Orlando Basketball Team. The team was acquired by his family in 1991.

Two years later, Dick DeVos succeeded his father as the President of Amway Corporation. As the president, Dick oversaw the reorganization of Amway Company, which resulted in the creation of an umbrella business organization named Alticor Conglomerate. The conglomerate consists of Access Business Group, Amway Corporation, and Quixtar Corporation. Under the new business structure, Alticor Corporation managed to expand its business operations in over 50 countries across six continents. However, Dick DeVos retired from the presidency position and devoted his time to private business ventures and politics. He went ahead to pursue his dream in politics and vied as the Michigan Governor in 2006.

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Dick DeVos is also an active philanthropist. He is involved in several community initiatives. He is the founder of Education Freedom Foundation, which has awarded over 4000 scholarships to the needy students from Michigan. He is also involved with WMAA (West Michigan Aviation Academy), an institution that provides aviation program. Dick DeVos also worked as the Chairman of various Grand Rapids involve in the regional healthcare improvements of Michigan. Mr. Dick published his best-selling book, the Rediscovering American Values in 1997. The book is translated in 7 languages. Dick DeVos is a celebrated sailor and qualified helicopter and aircraft pilot from Michigan.

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Living the Dream of Smart Homes With Toddy Lubar

Smart homes technology is taking real estate by storm. Five decades ago, the idea of having devices and home furnishings paired with a smart device was just a concept on paper. Today, we are living the dream of George H. Bucher “The Electric Home of Tomorrow.”

The Thrill of Smart Homes

Smart homes are here to stay. From having sensors detecting walking patterns of people in and around the house to smart lighting, automatic window shades, and nest thermostats, technology has made many homes a thrill. Having smart homes has been very helpful especially to people living with disabilities. With a smart phone or a house connected to a virtual assistant, they can control every aspect of their smart homes without the limitations that disadvantaged them some five years back.

Riding the Wave of Smart Homes

It took years for smart homes to have an impact in our society. As technology improved so did the need to have instantaneous responses. According to, as we advance into a technology-dependent generation, the entrepreneurship spirit in the real estate too is a notch higher. Soon every new home will be automated not only with security features but also virtual assistants, digital clocks, and automated window shades.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is a prominent entrepreneur in the smart houses department. Having spent more than two decades in the real estate industry, he has for many years been featured as one of the mortgage originators in the US. He set out when smart homes were just a concept. Today he is driven by the need to help people own smart homes.

Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures. Under his leadership the company has improved in the rehabilitation, purchase, selling and profit making from all kinds of family homes. His thirst for open communication with everyone is the key to TDL’s success. Todd also serves as president and Sr. Vice President to LLC and Legendary Investments respectively. Outside of real estate, he likes spending time with family, staying fit and working on new innovative ideas. He considers organization and positive thinking as keys to success.

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Securus Technologies Integrated Monitoring System Recues Families

Human societies have progressed from the primordial mechanical societies where security was provided through kinship ties and social norms. The need to integrate technology into safer homes and crime free society is of great continued urgency. The dynamics of an organic society denotes a need for better solutions to preventing crimes which have introduced a paradigm shift from traditional security measures to a robust, advanced information oriented security system. Securus Technologies seems to have appreciated this dynamism, and fast paced the implementation of a top level security system to prisons, homes, and neighborhoods.


I can attest the reliability of the company since some loyal, and new customers have been leaving satisfactory messages on the company’s websites. There was one customer who noted the company’s high-level cooperation in helping track down dishonest employees in companies they secure by providing ample phone information. Prisons also reported satisfactory service delivery in the areas of tracking prohibited activities by inmates in the prisons. The prisons, particularly, commended the advanced reporting technology that Securus Technologies employs. One customer also appealed to me on the issue of covert alert features, as well tracked phone call, and LBS service that help to build on crime prevention in prisons. Such high level recommendations from its previous client demonstrated to me that a greater number of customers are continuing to appreciate technology solutions in crime prevention and response.


Securus Technologies has been on the forefront in the prison telephone service sector besides providing high tech solutions to homes and jails. The Dallas headquartered firm boasts of a large number of officers around facilities it secures often reaching up to some one hundred and fifty as well as excellent customer service and support that runs on a twenty four hour basis, enabling efficient and reliable emergency response.


Ways Of Becoming A Professional Racquetball Player Like Sawyer Howitt

Becoming a professional racquetball player is something that you will always be proud of and feel satisfied. To become a profession in such a game, you need to dedicate enough energy and time to improve your skills and knowledge. Fitness on the court as well as being physically fit is vital to becoming a great player. Few people have managed to become successful professional in racquetball.

To become a professional in racquetball, you need to carry out adequate research to know what you want to engage in and the most suitable path to follow. Failure to research will lead to giving up and disappointment. You must first know why you want to become a professional in the sport. If you are searching for self-satisfaction and accomplishment, you need to know how you should go about it. If you want to acquire wealth from the sport, you should approach racquetball from a business point of view.

You also have to make plans on how you will progress. Develop a plan for self-improvement. You need to follow your plan strictly because being a pro requires discipline in training according to Additionally, you need a coach to guide you and to keep you motivated. You should seek guidance from the best coaches.

Doing the right workouts helps to keep in shape. According to, to develop body strength, you need to do proper exercises. Even if you have special skill or talent, you have to stay in shape. Also, you need to do a lot of practice. The other important thing to note is finding a job or sponsor to make money.

While still young, Sawyer Howitt has managed to understand the financial and operational needs of businesses. Howitt can handle different tasks such as filing and making business presentations. Sawyer Howitt has acquired a lot of knowledge in racquetball business thus making him get recognition from the U.S Racquetball Association.

Sawyer Howitt can play men’s doubles, mixed doubles, and men’s singles.

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