Todd Lubar Creating Legacy in the Real Estate Business through a Niche

Currently, Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC and in Legendary Investments, he serves as the Sr. VP. He is indeed doing great but let’s peek into his past, from the year 1977 until 1987 he was at Sidwell Friends School in Washington Dc. From there he went on to attend the University of Syracuse and graduated with a B.A in Speech Communication. After college, Todd got his first job with Crestar Mortgage Corporation, and he stayed with the company for four years. In 1999 he joined Legacy Financial group and helped the company’s Maryland office to a production unit of several 100 millions of dollars a year in loan volume. He left Legacy in 2005 and joined Charter Funding (A division of First Magnus Financial Corp) in Arizona as the Senior Vice President. However, in 2007 he went back to the mortgage industry and focused on purchase money mortgage origination with Priority Financial Services. It is during this time that Todd started different businesses that included commercial demolition. Also, he involved himself in the Automotive Scrap metal recycling business which ultimately led to the company being traded in public market place.

After observing the market for many years, Todd Lubar was able to assess a niche of underserved clients and consequently formed Legendary Financial LLC an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC. Legendary Properties liquidity levels allow the aiding a market of borrowers that would otherwise be ignored by traditional lending source. Todd Lubar has carried over 7000 transactions allowing him to analyze the overall risk of almost any loan scenario and make right decisions based primarily on market conditions. Moreover, he was ranked top 25 mortgage originators in the Country for many years.

He has two beautiful children, and they live in Bethesda Maryland, and he is totally in love with Orange County CA.

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